Two thirds of children under the age of 2 are using tablets

Study of 2,500 parents by market research specialists Parents Insights suggests that one in five under 2s can unlock a smart device – but parents do limit tablet time, with more than half allowing their child less than half an hour per day

Research also reveals the expectant parents are more like to turn to the Internet than their friends or nearest and dearest!

Almost two thirds of children under the age of two are allowed to use tablets – and a third can open apps and turn the device on themselves, according to new data by market research specialists Parents Insights.

The data, from Parents Insights Q2 report, also shows that one in five tech-savvy babies can unlock a smart device unaided.

But the study found that parents are alive to potential problems occurring from too much tablet use, with more than half (63%) limiting their kids’ time on the device to less than half an hour a day.

Parents Insights was launched in 2018 to give companies direct access to flash trends and key data to enhance their knowledge about their target audiences’ attitudes, behaviours and consumption.

Being hailed as the number one tool in the UK for market intelligence about parents, more than 10,000 UK mums and dads are surveyed each year, with the results compiled into four, insight-led quarterly reports centred on expecting parents, and parents with new-born babies, babies and toddlers.

Parents Insights’ lead analyst Nick Richardson said: “Our latest data reveals a fascinating picture about how toddlers and babies as young as six months are interacting with technology – and how much their parents are seemingly willing to allow.

“It seems that tablets are the first device that parents are happy for their little ones to use but their attitudes to social media are much less liberal. We found that just 17% said they would let one of their children use social media before the legal age of 13.

“It’s key information for brands to be aware of as they adapt to the way that both kids and parents consume information.”

When children are allowed on a tablet, the main activities they choose are games (24%), YouTube (18%) and Apps (12%), and the same activities are popular for Smartphones. ​

Amazon have recently overtaken Samsung to become the second most popular tablet with 4–6 year-olds. Amazon produce the Fire Kids tablet, which comes with a kid-safe browser and, crucially, a one-year subscription to a range of content. ​

And it seems it’s not just kids who are becoming more and more tech-savvy. The study found that more than eight out of ten (81%) of parents turn to websites to provide information on parenting.

And that beats family and friends, with just two thirds saying they still use their nearest and dearest to provide the answers to their parenting dilemmas.

Parents Insights did find, however, that younger parents (under 25) were more likely to turn to family for advice.

Nick added: “It’s not just the kids who are more into technology than ever. Parents are at it too and that provides brands with so many opportunities to interact with exactly who they need to.

“So many major global and UK brands are already waking up to the opportunities that our data offers them, and we’re excited to be collaborating with them.”

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